Labor Labor: Physical work completed on a customer's project (computer, website, etc).  This fee applies to on-site repair (other fees may apply), drop offs, and remote repair. Most jobs will have a guaranteed price that will be given as an estimate before any work is completed.

Approximately $60 / hour
Contact the Service Desk for a quote.

HTML Website Design: Design and/or publish a website to a server.
Contact the Service Desk for a quote.
Package Parts*: Any items purchased that are required to complete the request. Your approval will be obtained prior to initiating the purchase. Applicable receipts will be attached to the invoice.
Cost of item + applicable tax/shipping*
Training Training: One-on-one help / assistance with the customer on learning software, the operating system, or anything the customer wishes to learn more about.
Contact the Service Desk for a quote.
Car Travel: Distance an agent must travel to meet with the client or customer.  There is no charge if client is less than 2 miles away.
$0.50 / per mile
Comment Simple Advice: Minor assistance from an agent, typically via the Service Desk, or the Service Desk's Knowledgebase.
Contact the Service Desk. For questions that take 15 min or less, there is no cost.  Otherwise, follow Labor rates.
Video Video: The creation of a video. Any type of video can be created such as a video with footage and/or with pictures or images. We do offer recording of footage, however, you may provide your own footage. Also includes DVD creation.
Approximately $50 / hour
Contact the Service Desk for a quote.

NOTE: Any item(s) with an asterisk (*) cannot be paid via PayPal.

Payment Options

Cash: Paid directly to the agent.

Check: paid directly to the agent (ask whom to make the check payable)

PayPal: The transaction must clear our system before time of pickup, or parts ordered. Must be paid through the Client Center.
  • If using a Credit / Debit Card: the transaction will clear immediately, if (1) your debit card will not be overdrawn or (2) your credit card is not maxed out.
  • If using a Bank Account: the transation will clear in 0-5 days in our system. If there are insufficient funds in the bank account, PayPal will either (1) charge your debit/credit card connected to your account or (2) reject the transaction. You will not be able to pick up your machine until the transaction is successfully cleared.

Credit Cards

Please note that PayPal transactions are made using PayPal's secure server. Beatrez Consulting does not receive any of your financial information.  Beatrez Consulting is not responsible for any errors or delays in payments made by PayPal.  Beatrez Consulting utilizes K & B Consulting’s verified PayPal account ([email protected]) for all PayPal purchases.