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Welcome to Beatrez Consulting

Beatrez Consulting provides a variety of professional services to virtually anyone. Please view the rest of our site to view the variety of services we offer.

The Client Center

Beatrez Consulting has created theĀ Client Center. The Client Center allows customers to view their invoices and quotes, update their personal information, and pay bills online using PayPal.

Service Desk

The Service Desk allows customers to submit a ticket, view the status of a previously submitted ticket, and check our Knowledgebase.


  • PayPal: Beatrez Consulting' PayPal address ([email protected]) is a verified PayPal account.

We Offer A Wide Variety of Services

Beatrez Consulting specializes in IT Consulting, including computer installation, maintenance, and repair. Beatrez Consulting can also install small local area networks and networks for small businesses.


Information Technology Consulting

Beatrez Consulting also assists in the creation and maintenance of web sites written in HTML and CSS. Beatrez Consulting uses templates, as well as code from scratch.


Website Design
K & B Consulting's Service Desk is the portal for support. Several items can be accomplished, such as submitting and viewing a support ticket, as well as viewing our Knowledgebase.
Service Desk
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